Friday, January 21, 2005

Amazing Choice of Restaurants

This island amazes me everyday from new. The choice, when going out for dinner is overwhelming. It can be awfully expensive (and good), and just a mile further down, you find a really inexpensive place, which is not so sophisticated, but still serves a great dinner at an unbelievably low price.

Two fine examples of the wide range are these great places:
1. Tabba Khady is a new restaurant at Av. du Lagon in the Oyster Pond area. Exotic, deliciously prepared food in a very nice setting. Upper price level, but still what you may be used to from fine dining in the USA. More info
2. Apple Tree is also a new place at an odd location in the French Quarter, right where the locals live. School teachers have their lunch there, craftsmen enjoy their beer before going home. And food, e.g. a hot dog, starts at $ 2, or cutlet, french fries, and salad are around $ 6. More Info!

This island caters for every taste and budget!

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