Saturday, January 08, 2005

Casinos - are they really fun?

Last night, we did a run into the casino world of Sint Maarten. I visited at least a dozen casinos before, in Europe, in Las Vegas, in the Caribbean, and I inheritently compare. Most casinos on this island do not have a great appeal to me. They are not well maintained, or just plain empty, or the staff is inefficient. The first 50 Dollars are gone, when the first waitress asks for ordering drinks, another 50 are gone, when she finally brings a drink after 20 minutes ... The Royal Casino is as good as it can get on the island, and that's how it gets. The Atlantis, see photo, is second choice.

The crowd - if any at all - is mainly US - tourists, who come in their sports gear, which would better be suitable for the fitness room of their hotel. Of course, there are a few exceptions, some nice looking latina girl strolling through the rows, a wealthy outfitted lady playing Roulette as a real pro, and a few typical poker face men with big cuban cigars. Still, the dominant visitor is 60, female, and feeds quarters for hours on slot machines. A bit more can be found here. Otherwise, I think the island's attractions are somewhere else, like beaches, great food, and the Caribbean sun.

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