Wednesday, January 05, 2005

How is the weather like ...

The most common question potential tourists raise before visiting the island of St. Maarten is about the weather. We enjoy a slight advantage, and therefore have a better hit rate when predicting the weather: it is pretty much the same all year long. Nevertheless, there are differences in temperature, in rain fall, and most prominently in wind. Most days still have a lot of sun, and this is why tourists come here. And even during the most lousy days in January, day time temperatures rarely dip below the 80's (26 C).The actual weather is available here.

Now, what do you do, when it rains or the gusty winds drive you off the beach? Go to bars, dine cozily in one of those French places, or go a bit window shopping in Marigot or Philipsburg. This
website has a great section on restaurants, shopping, and other things to do. Or just email me, and I try to help you as much as possible with first hand island information!

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