Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Real Monkeys on the Island

When traveling across the island, tourists take photos of goats, donkeys, cows, pigs, and you see them everywhere, even right on the main roads. The monkeys are a bit more hidden. Some formerly caged animals escaped, and live quite well in the lush island vegetation. Local residents feed them, too, and they keep their closeliness to people. Although, it is not recommended to touch them, they really don't like it as close. They may scratch you.

Here is one in Oyster Pond vicinity. It enjoys a nice fruit and vegetable cocktail.

Other wildlife on the island are the geckos of various sizes, some snake hunting mangoustes, and a variety of birds. Actually, snakes are rare, and non poisonous. Basically, the island is a pretty safe place, when it comes to animals. Some insects can be annoying, but the mosquitoes only pop up after a rainy period. More on the island, find here!

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