Sunday, March 27, 2005

Art Lovers at St. Martin

The island has a vibrant art scene. A recent art promotion had 60 participants, who made their work publicly available. This "Open Door" event showed an amazing range of art being worked on. Some are more visible, as famous Roland Richardson, also called the Father of Caribbean Impressionism, and some are working in secluded studios, and have their work on display in famous NY-City galleries. A typical example is Norma Trimborn with her unique, expressive oil paintings of exceptional vigor. Away from the commercial zones, between quiet Baie Lucas and Oyster Pond are the premises of Dona Bryhiel, a French artist with very interesting artworks of Caribbean and Southern France subjects.

The above mentioned Roland Richardson has been honored with a limited edition of a French postal mail envelope, valued at 83 Euro Cents, which is sold exclusively at the French post offices on the island.

We also make this wonderful print (see above, reduced scan) on its original envelope available at $ 4.50 including mailing, sent to island and art lovers in its original, unused condition, or stamped and mailed through the French postal service. Payment preferably by PayPal, user-id here.

A new section of the widely visited island website St-Maarten-Info will be dedicated to ongoing art events.

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