Friday, May 20, 2005

American had been the Fastest!

The French police proudly use their new radar equipment, and ... the winner is an American citizen with 117 km/h (approx. 73 miles) on the road! Not bad, as we always thought the locals would be the fastest. Or did they spare the locals, when speed controls were applied? Or did the locals know, where and when the gendarmes are out to measure ?

Fake photo - not taken here.

So, don't assume that the new and only professionally asphalted road on the island, the one from the Dutch/French border towards Bellevue/Marigot is thought to be a speedway. The permitted 90 km/h (approx. 55 miles) are already on the high side considering the driving style and vehicle conditions. If you like to share driving experience 'the Caribbean way' and need a vehicle, see here.

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