Saturday, May 21, 2005

Nautical Experience in Marigot

This weekend in Marigot, they had a kind of boat show, a little local fair of those enterprises involved in watersports, from dive operators to yacht charter companies, and those who do a little tail riding including the French police (Gendarmerie), who had a display and tried to hire recruits. The most appreciated fun were the various free rides, either on jet skis, on floats in the marina area of Marigot

or on stylish sailing boats.

Marigot has its own distinct flavor, somewhat like a French seaside town at the Mediterrean coast, and still very Caribbean. There is sometimes a negative attitude of US travelers towards Marigot, which is hard to understand. Language? No, this can't be the case. It happened a few times during my today's visit that I addressed people in French, and they asked me, whether I could speak English. They come from everywhere, and the French could even be a minority. Is it the lower level of commercilisation? Even better! Strongly recommended for your next trip!


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