Saturday, May 07, 2005

Popularity of Dawn Beach

The Southern part of Dawn Beach, where the Scavenger beach bar is located, has an excellent reputation as the best beach with a beach bar in the Caribbean, according to a recent issue of Caribbean Travel & Life Magazine. This didn't go unnoticed for tourism managers! Some new development is planned, which will replace the ruins of the hotel blown off by a hurricane 10 years ago.

Scavenger Bar as of 2005

Dawn Beach is also a good spot for snorkeling. Due to its picturesque Caribbean flair, it is a popular spot for beach weddings. May be, some relationships started there under palm trees.

At Dawn Beach In front of Scavenger Bar

Those travelers, who prefer privacy and non standardized accommodation, have plenty of choices on in the Dawn Beach area. A large number of fine villas and condos are on the market, and many times, they are even the less expensive solution. See here for a fine property at Dawn Beach.

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