Sunday, June 12, 2005

Vibrant Art Life on the Island

Painting by Dona Bryhiel (Copyright protected)

Dona Bryhiel developed an unique style of painting, which certainly is influenced by her French background, and her earlier life in the South of France. Her work nowadays is focused on the Caribbean, and especially the role of wonderful Caribbean women, their beauty, their exotic flair and their role in daily life. Dona's paintings are intended to impact feelings, to create impressions, and thoughtful reflections about the island life. She works at Oyster Pond in the French part of the island. Her gallery shows some of her creative work, not only paintings, but also ceramics, and other art work. See her paintings, ceramics, and textiles, and you will have won a new perspective of life and people on the island. Her gallery is at Av. du Lagon, about 800 yards from the Dutch border, towards Coralita Beach before the corner of rue de l'Escale. Dona Bryhiel has her own Internet presence at

Painting by Dona Bryhiel (Copyright protected)

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Ian Davidson said...

When we visited St. Maarten in March I had the opportunity to view her work, next time we visit I think we will get one. Thanks for brining back some fond memories.