Sunday, August 28, 2005

The last genuine Island Restaurant

Le Poulet d'Orleans is eventually the last genuine creole restaurant on the island. And it is absolutely worthwhile to enjoy their food one night.

It is away from the touristic areas on the main 'National' road from Philipsburg to Orient Bay. After crossing the local area of Quartier d'Orleans, a sharp bend to the left, and "voila" on the right side, hard to miss, is the restaurant. It is about a 5 min. drive from Orient Beach and about 30 min. from Simpson Bay, see this map. Open most nights, except Monday, and at some days (?) for lunch.

Fish and seafood plates, in oil fried accras, a kind of seafood meat balls, and 'boudin', a sausage, which is not every non natives favorite, are served at very moderate prices. There also classic main courses with chicken and lamb, and all is served very fresh. Toni, the owner/chef has vast experience from abroad, he worked in Louisiana for a while, and elsewhere in the USA, and he knows, how to please guests. His family, mainly his teenage, kids serve, not perfectly, but very willing to be attentive.

The terrace is small, not more than 4 -5 tables fit there. Inside, not really the place to sit (no a/c), but still, don't miss: It is a family museum with plenty of memorabilia from past times. Feel free to walk around, look closely, and get an impression of the not so good earlier times on the island. The main stairs, see left, are not accessible, as you would step right onto the road. Drive into their parking, and access the restaurant from there.

They accept USD and Euros. Please, don't press them for 1:1 exchange rates, the prices are already low. I find it anyway unfair to demand 20% discounts, when paying with US-$. Did anybody ever hear about NYC restaurants giving European tourists 20% discount, when paying in Euro?

Le Poulet d'Orleans is a relict of ancient island times!
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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mont Vernon Plantation Opened

Although the island has a rich history, and its nature is fascinating, only very few places remind to this rich heritage. The initiative of local entrepreneurs has made a change. In July 2005 opened a park and museum at Mont Vernon, close to Orient Bay.

Coffee on display, and to taste (free espresso). More about the new park, see here!

Located at the place of an ancient plantation, the park features tropical plants, and shows the historical, and the economical development tied to these plants, such as coffee, cotton, indigo, and sugar. The well designed area includes new, and historical buildings, embedded in a lush park. Easy to walk foothpaths make this an enjoable excursion. It is a great place to visit with kids, and for adults, too. Even those being on a shopping spree, find some genuine island merchandise in the attractively arranged shop on site. For opening hours, location, and map
click! Close by lodging, find here! Don't miss this park, it is positively one of the best things, you can do for a few hours off the beach, either on a cruise ship day excursion, or on your next island vacation!