Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Best Croissants in Town

Croissant and Baguette are synonyms for France! When being on St. Martin, some things are very Caribbean, and some are very French. Don't miss the French favorites, and the best are in Marigot!

'La Sucriere' is located at the main street 'Boulevard de France' along the seaside, and it is worthwhile a trip around the island from time to time (at least for me). The croissants are unsurpassed! The breads, pain au chocolat (chocolate stuffed croissants), cakes, and tarts are equally good!

If you look for another nice breakfast and snack place, just 50 yards further north, same boulevard, look out for this great bakery and self service lunch place. They offer a great variety of food, pizzas, and pastries.

Both bakeries are favorites for sitting there at day time watching the active life at Marigot's waterfront with its colorful markets. New parkings between the market stands and the sea front were recently built, so finding a parking shouldn't be too difficult. Eat French, breathe Caribbean!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New Airport - Unchanged Excitement for Enthusiasts

Princess Juliana Airport (SXM) just opened its entirely new airport terminal. The new arrival and departure facilities are very modern and in line with international standards. Unfortunately, the airport website doesn't show much of it, yet! This new airport certainly makes flights to and from St. Maarten more pleasant. Those airplane watching freaks, who enjoy to see a B747 or a A340 in 'arm lengths' thundering over Maho Beach at Sunset Beach Bar will not miss anything. The runway remained unchanged. The higher capacity of the airport attracts even more airlines, which means more landings. Good or bad? A matter of perspective! See the present arrival and departure schedule, here! The departure tax for international destinations remains a hefty $30 for the time being! Rental car parkings will remain off the airport. Beside the established car rental companies with offices at the new airport, still a big choice of smaller off airport companies exist. More on rental cars, here!

Friday, October 06, 2006

Oasis at Boardwalk

You left your cruise ship for your non organized island exploration, and walked the short distance to Philipsburg. You are still polite, although two Time-Share property sales people already tried to lure you into a suspicious free ride to xyz resort, a couple of souvenir sales people failed to sell you the same Bob Marley T-shirt, which you objected to purchase one cruise stop before, and you look for a spot to relax. A place, where you are not ripped off, where people are friendly, and care about visitors. I guess, we found it for you!

Chez Delphine is located at the beginning of the boardwalk in Philipsburg, where a wide, paved pedestrian zone divides beach and town. Right at a the edge of Speetjens arcade, a spot filled with little shops and a small museum.

You either sit under the roof of a Caribbean styled cabana, and watch the bypassers, or you sit under the palm trees between board walk, and the unbelievably green and blue waters of Great Bay. Run by Delphine (see photo), a charming French lady, who perfectly speaks English (we love her accent), and her very accommodating local staff makes this place a real gem in bustling Philipsburg. Her great menu at moderate prices features sandwiches, the classics, like hamburgers, the French touch with quiches and croque monsieur (toasted baguette bread with cheese and salami), and salads at anytime of the day. You can get the food at regular size or at large size for the seamen appetite. For lunch and dinner time, the choice gets bigger and even more delicious: A wide choice of fresh salads, pasta, seafood, and various chicken and other meat dinners are offered.

Chez Delphine is the only place in town, which prepares smoothies from a variety of fresh fruits, no concentrate, and all at moderate prices. Let your kids enjoy a snow cone freshly prepared with different flavors just for a Dollar.

Chez Delphine serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner at some weekday nights. A special favorite is the barbecue with fresh lobster, seafood, and meat. If you make it on a Wednesday, even better: Live music from 11:00am with Caribbean tunes, and from 6:30pm, you may want to listen to live music with a touch of soft Latin American favorites.

A good time for a refreshing drink under the palm trees on the bay side of Chez Delphine's place. The shadow of palm trees, the slight ocean breeze, and the feet in the sand create the right 'Bacardi' feeling!

Open every day from 8:00am - 5:00pm, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday also open for dinner, Wednesday with live music from 11:00 am, call, if you are not sure about opening hours: (599)522-2313. More info on