Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New Airport - Unchanged Excitement for Enthusiasts

Princess Juliana Airport (SXM) just opened its entirely new airport terminal. The new arrival and departure facilities are very modern and in line with international standards. Unfortunately, the airport website doesn't show much of it, yet! This new airport certainly makes flights to and from St. Maarten more pleasant. Those airplane watching freaks, who enjoy to see a B747 or a A340 in 'arm lengths' thundering over Maho Beach at Sunset Beach Bar will not miss anything. The runway remained unchanged. The higher capacity of the airport attracts even more airlines, which means more landings. Good or bad? A matter of perspective! See the present arrival and departure schedule, here! The departure tax for international destinations remains a hefty $30 for the time being! Rental car parkings will remain off the airport. Beside the established car rental companies with offices at the new airport, still a big choice of smaller off airport companies exist. More on rental cars, here!

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Anonymous said...

Our family arrived here 6 months ago...waiting patiently to have our business NV approved. Please trade us your favourite local spot to eat!! Our's is Lal's. Close to the airport, across from Winair. Fantastic Chicken Korma. I am not an indian food lover...or shall I rephrase that...was never!!! Awesome! We love St. Maarten!