Saturday, November 04, 2006

Ghost Places and Phantoms on the Island

Some places come and go. Just more frequently on an island than somewhere on the continent. Some places are just virtual, they don't even exist, but you are lured to. So, I received an invitation to link to a website for a new bar on Dawn Beach, called 'Barefoot Beach Bar'. This email made me curious as I haven't seen any new beach bar, and I am there every week. Looking on the photos of the website, it turned out that none of the photos had been taken at Dawn Beach at all, may be not even on the island. Here a view, how Dawn Beach looked like a year ago, before construction changed the perspective.
So, I started to doubt my capabilities to recognize the reality. I went to Mr. Busby's Beach Bar, the premier bar and restaurant at Dawn Beach. I asked the manager about the new bar being opened here, and he stared on me like being a fool, and told me, there is no new bar. So, I was glad that my eyes and my brain hadn't misled me, but obviously, some weird folks try to mislead visitors. It reminded me not to believe in everything, you see on the Internet. People tend to play all kind of games. Why? Sometimes difficult to detect, but leave your antennas scanning!

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