Saturday, January 27, 2007

Why are you stopped on the road? Warning!

Money makes the world go round .... Some friendly, good looking girl or guy waves you from roadside. You stop for curiosity or to help, and very different to what you expected, you have become part of a high pressure sales pitch. An OPC (Off Premises Consultant or Contact) lures you to a timeshare presentation. Free drinks, free food, free trip, free ... When following this temptation, you get exposed to an intense sales event, and possibly, you spend $15,000 for a timeshare investment. Rumour is, 1 out of 3 "invitees" sign a contract.

If this is, what you really want, fine, if not, just forget about all the freebies, and don't go there. They recently jailed a few of the OPC's for illegally working on the Dutch side. The business is just to good, so they popped up on the French side next day. Before you make an investment, think about, when being back home. Do you really use a timeshare sufficiently? Are the recurring cost properly calculated? Does a vacation rental give you more choices, and "bang" for your vacation bucks? Visit the BBB website for some food for thoughts on timeshares!

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