Saturday, April 26, 2008

Extreme Fun on St. Martin

There are the typical and the somewhat unusual activities on the island. Both activities introduced here have to do with flying in a special way.

Canopy Tour

The Fly Zone at Loterie Farm near Pic Paradis is one of those exceptional activities. There are two 'tree top' tours. One for kids and a much more challenging for youngsters and adults (approx. from age 10). You make your way on ropes and swings from tree to tree for an hour or so. If you belong to those people, who are easily scared by being 25 ft. above ground, be assured, it is safe, and staff is assisting you. More on this adventure and other activities here. The restaurant at Loterie Farm is also worthwhile a trip, even if you are passing at the challenging Fly Zone event!

Para Sailing

Another great challenge and fun activity is flying above the sea, almost. You are hanging in two as tandem combined seats and the wind gets you up to 30 - 50 ft above sea. A parachute like sail holds you safely in the air. Start and landing is on the boat. It is easier to do it than it sounds. You see Orient Beach at bird's eye perspective being pulled behind a motorboat. Great views of the water below you are guaranteed. The crystal clear waters reflect from green to blue. The perception of flying is magnificient making this trip a great experience. We truly enjoyed it, see the photo. Just come to the water sport activity stands at Orient Bay Beach and book. More about Orient Beach here, and restaurants in the Orient Beach area here.

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